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Now introducing the ParaForce brand by Fortune Products, Inc. Engineered to provide the best tactical gear at an affordable price. Featuring four colors to choose from; all in a small, pocket-sized unit.

ParaForce LockBack Knife

ParaForce knives are lightweight, durable, and ideal for everyday carry; featuring a belt clip, 3″ blade, and a safety lock. These knives come in multiple colors such as blue, green, black and orange. Call our sales team to ask for quotes today!

  • Pocket Clip
  • Lightweight
  • Safety Lock

Actual Size:

  • 7″ open, 4″ closed
  • 3″ blade

Paraforce Multi-Tool Set

This Paraforce Multi-Tool Display includes 18 colorful units with 13 useful features.

ParaForce 13-in-1 Multi-Tool:

1.Needlenose Pliers
2.Regular Pliers
3.Pliers Scissors
4.Sharp Knife
5.Bottle Opener
6.Phillips Screwdriver
7.Serrated Knife
8.Can Opener
9.Nail Cleaner
10.Nail File (double side)
11.Small Screwdriver
12.Medium Screwdriver
13.Large Screwdriver

It’s easy to stay organized when 13 tools are in 1 unit