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What is the sharpening angle on AccuSharp® Knife & Tool Sharpeners?

The sharpening angle of the AccuSharp Knife and Tool sharpener is set at approximately 21 degrees.

How do I reverse my sharpening blades?

To reverse sharpeners, lay the AccuSharp® on its side with the screws up. Remove the screws and carefully separate the two halves of the handle shown in the illustration.

The sharpeners should remain in the lower half. Simply switch position of the sharpeners (front sharpening blade to rear and rear sharpening blade to front) taking care to keep the reference dot (♦) on the sharpening blades facing toward the tail end of the handle. If the finger guard becomes disengaged during this operation, secure both ends of it in the slots provided prior to reassembly. Caution: do not reassemble the knife sharpener without the finger guard. Serious injury may result. 

Reassemble the two halves of the handle and secure with the three screws.

DO NOT OVER TIGHTEN THE SCREWS. The factory torque setting is about 5 inch pounds of pressure. Tighten them only until you feel increased resistance. If sharpener has any cracks around the screw heads — do not use it. Either discard the sharpener or return it under the terms of the warranty. REPLACEMENT SHARPENING SETS ARE AVAILABLE FROM YOUR DEALER OR REFER TO WARRANTY SECTION.


How do I use my ShearSharp Scissor Sharpener?

To begin sharpening, properly hold your scissors as shown in the illustration to your right. Tilt the ShearSharp slightly to the side until the carbide sharpening blade rests flat against the scissor blade. You can see the edge of the carbide sharpening blade is along the flat surface of the scissor blade.

Using light thumb pressure, stroke the sharpening blade along the flat surface 3 or 4 times. This process will sharpen the edges of your scissor blade; repeat on the other scissor blade.

Note: This sharpens the edges of your scissor blade; when blades are pivoted, the sharpened edges slide against each other giving you a crisp cut.

How do I use the AccuSharp Pull-Through Knife Sharpener:

CAUTION: Keep fingers and thumb well clear of sharpening slots during use to avoid serious injury.

  1. To use, place sharpener on a flat, sturdy surface. Grip the sharpeners handle with one hand and secure firmly. With your other hand, grip the knife’s handle and insert the blade into the appropriate sharpening slot as shown in the illustration. Select the COARSE slot if the blade is very dull. Select the FINE slot if the blade is already sharp and simply needs a light honing.
  2. With the knife blade straight up and down and fully inserted into the appropriate sharpening slot, tilt the tip of the blade slightly downward and pull the blade through the slot from handle end to tip using light downward pressure and a smooth, consistent stroke. If the blade curves up to the tip, lift up on the knife’s handle as you approach this portion of the blade to sharpen all the way out to the tip as shown in the illustration.
  3. Continue pulling the knife blade through the slot from handle to tip (never back and forth) three or four times or until sharp. NOTE: Extremely dull blades made of very hard steel may require additional pulls to achieve desired sharpness. Carefully check the sharpness of the blade with each pass through the sharpener.
  4. If you selected the COARSE slot to begin the sharpening process, move to the FINE slot and repeat steps two and three to finish the edge. If you initially selected the FINE slot to simply touch up an already sharp blade. Be sure to thoroughly clean your blade before use.

PLEASE NOTE: ACCUSHARP® Pull-Through Knife Sharpener is not designed for sharpening scissors.

What is AccuSharp® Knife & Tool Sharpeners Lifetime Warranty?

See more information at www.accusharp.com/warranty
Please note, our warranty program differs on various products.

Can I sharpen my machete with AccuSharp® knife and tool sharpeners?

Yes! The AccuSharp® Knife and Tool sharpener sharpens knives (even serrated knives), cleavers, axes, machetes, and many other cutting tools.

Can I sharpen my ceramic knives with AccuSharp Knife Sharpeners?

AccuSharp® Knife and Tool Sharpeners do not sharpen any ceramic knives. We recommend that you contact the manufacturer of your knife to determine the best way to sharpen it.

How do I use the AugerSharp or GardenSharp Tool Sharpener:

Note: GardenSharp® and AugerSharp® was designed to specifically sharpen your single-edge tools and equipment. One blade is an angled diamond-honed tungsten carbide to sharpen your beveled edge, while the other side is a steel guide and it will not sharpen your blade. This unique design will maintain the perfect edge on all those lawnmower blades, pruning shears (secateurs), limb loppers, hoes, shovels, scythes, and augers.

Warning! Never sharpen any type of blade or tool that is attached to any type of power equipment. Remove blade and secure in a vise.  Hold the GardenSharp® or AugerSharp® as shown in one hand with your fingers through the opening formed by the handle and the finger guard. Remember the sharpener moves while the blade being sharpened remains stationary.

  1. Straddle the cutting edge of the blade being sharpened with the “V” shaped notch formed in the sharpener.
  2. Place the angled carbide insert against the side of the blade that has a beveled edge.  This should be the side that you want to sharpen.
  3. With the head of the GardenSharp® or AugerSharp® at about a 90-degree angle to the blade’s edge, press down lightly using thumb pressure to draw theGardenSharp® or AugerSharp® along the edge of the blade.
  4. Work in one direction only, not back and forth!  Several passes may be required before the blade’s beveled edge conforms to the proper angle of GardenSharp®.  Once that angle is achieved, then two or three passes should be sufficient to give you a razor-sharp edge.

REMEMBER: LIGHT PRESSURE IS SUFFICIENT. Heavy pressure might cause you to lose control of the sharpener and possibly cause injury.

To sharpen both sides of your blade, see our award-winning AccuSharp® Knife and Tool Sharpener.

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