AccuSharp® Knife & Tool Sharpeners

A knife sharpener anyone can use. Sharpen knives, (even serrated knives), cleavers, axes, machetes, and other cutting tools. Ergonomic handle fits either hand safely and securely. The full length finger guard protects your fingers. Blades are Diamond Honed Tungsten Carbide for years of reliable use.

How do AccuSharp® Sharpeners Work?

Using AccuSharp® Sharpeners can take up to 10 seconds to fully and accurately sharpen your knives and tools. We strategically constructed each AccuSharp® sharpener to perform different roles of sharpening your tools and knives for a more efficient edge. This pragmatic scientific technology constructed how to sharpen your knives to keep your edge sharp at all times.

How to Use

 ShearSharp® is an amazing device designed to take the mystery out of sharpening
general purpose scissors, hedge clippers, tin snips and the like, and it works
equally well for right or left-handed people. To use, hold shears and ShearSharp®,
using a very light downward pressure, draw ShearSharp® past the point of the blade.
ShearSharp®’s tungsten carbide blade will do the rest.

See other YouTube videos of AccuSharp® Knife & Tool Sharpeners in use!